Sunday, July 27, 2008

Do Buggers Smell?

Do our buggers smell? So here is what I was thinking...

You know how when you go to a resteraunt or someones house and there is an odd smell, then after like 30 seconds or so you can't smell it anymore?

So then in theory after the first few minutes of us having buggers (at birth) we shouldn't be able to smell them anymore. Then one would wonder, what if I was to pick out a bugger let my nose become accustomed to no bugger smell for a bit then smell it again. I guess my point is... What do buggers smell like, and does Air smell different after your nose is completley free of buggers.

Ya this is weird to think about it.. but if you think about it for a minute or two, you will start to wonder yourself....


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Trenton Kennedy said...

You know, this post would make a lot more sense if you used the correct spelling of "boogers". At first I thought you were referencing Formics or just being British?

I bet the best way to test your theory would be to smell other people's boogers. As a control, you should make sure you've never met those you ask. I suggest walking up to random people on the street.