Friday, August 2, 2013

LESS Mixins!

I find that I often use LESS  If you do front end web development, and don't use LESS you are missing out.  In short, it let's you nest CSS, create CSS functions, gives you CSS variables, and do math in your CSS (and much more).

It can turn this:
Into this:

Now, that might not look great right now, but it will save you time in the long run. I will probably write a post at a later point about the magic of LESS, however for now, I figured I'd just post a few of my favorite mixins (think of them like functions) that I use on the daily.

As I do more, I'll add them , just look for the LESS tags

Thursday, August 1, 2013

Killing X11 in linux

Recently my father in law bought me a Raspberry Pi for my birthday, super sweet!  I've always tooled around with linux, however never got serious about it.  As I started playing with it, I found that using the default OS (the NOOBS) was slowing me down and I just wanted a command line.  I have 2 options at this point

  1. SSH
  2. Kill window manager, and just get to the command line.
I opted for #2.  However how the hell do you do that without restarting (you know, cause I'm lazy) I figure you start it by saying 'startx' perhaps you kill it by 'stopx'.  No dice.  I went on and tried some other things, none of which worked.  Eventually I consulted my linux friend and he told me to try hitting 'ctrl+alt+F1'  Sure enough, that killed it and there I am on just the command line!

startx - starts X11
'ctrl+alt+F1' - kills X11

Long time no post....

So I've realized I don't really post here that much... That's fine, I don't have much to say.  However I'm going to try to post more of my "Gee how do I do X... oh like this, great" moments here.  Hopefully they help others.