Monday, June 30, 2008

Random Phrases

Ever have just a random phrase stuck in your head? You could be driving and for some reason you get a phrase stuck in your head that you don't know where it came from, then it turns out its part of the license plate in front of you. Well I woke up with the phrase "hugging with my lips"... WTF does that mean!? oh well leave your thoughts below...

Friday, June 27, 2008

Toilet paper

.... Over or Under... you decide...

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Fat People

I am a fat guy / big guy / tall and 'stocky' or whatever words you want to use. I am starting a job soon and figured I would go buy some new clothes. Try to give myself a fresh look to go with the fresh job. Seeing as how I am a big guy 6'5 I need to buy tall shirts so I don't look like I am wearing a mid-drift. I recently went in to the Big and tall section at JCPenny's and there were 4 different types of shirts:
  • Plaid
  • Polos
  • Hawaiian
  • "Big Dog" shirts
First off, plaid? Don't get me wrong I have plenty of plaid shirts, but you can only wear so many before people refer to you as 'that plaid guy'.

Polos are fine, just not a big fan of them. Its like a T-shirt and button down had a retarded baby that didn't know what was what.

Hawaiian shirts... Who ever decided that fat people liked Hawaiian shirts. I have two, they are my "OMG I have nothing to wear... what should I wear... " shirts. Maybe cause fat people are jolly, and you are jolly when you are on a beach in Hawaii?? I am also Jolly after beating up a hooker, playing with a puppy, eating a steak, Christmas morning down by the tree in my PJs, or playing a video game. However these activities are not necessarily the best shirts to wear.

Lastly, "Big Dog" shirts... we have all seen these. I am fat, He is fat, She is fat, we can all see this, its not a secret or something you can really hide well... its just a fact. This being said we do not need to publicize this by wearing T-Shirts that say stupid shit with this big dog, or shirts that read "I'm Fat, and your Ugly, but I can loose weight" Things like this give fat people a bad rep. Whatever happened to just solid colors, or non-retarded t-shirts. Hell, why not just have the same retarded t-shirts as everyother company, just make it a few sizes bigger.

This is even the same at the big and tall stores. Where the specifically focus on 'big and tall' guys. I mean seriously, get a better freakin selection, like some stripes or solid colors, or plaid is alright, just some different options... Hawaiian shirts... no never, just don't do that.

I'm IN!

So I am now 'moved in' for the most part. All my worldly belongings are in my new Apartment. You can find pics here. Also there is a video here. Now I just have to wait and wait and wait some more till I start making some money, to pay off the debt I have come into from getting a new place and the bare essentials needed for living (bed, plates, internet).

Saturday, June 7, 2008

New Apartment...

So I am soo close to figuring out my new apartment, I just don't know which one to choose...

First we have RidgeView. Costs 1630 a month that gets me:
  • Covered parking
  • Built in AC units
  • Built in washer dryer
  • Built in Dishwasher
  • 652 sq ft
  • nice neighborhood
  • nice area
  • 'scenic view' (pretty nice)
  • 1 bed
  • 1 bath
  • 1 kitchen
  • 1 'living room'
  • bay window
  • looks like it has a sense of community
  • 20 minute bus ride and 5 minute walk from work
  • Feels a bit 'far' from white plains
  • no utilities included

Then we have this place downtown for 1250 (+ 100 bucks for a car spot in a municipal building a half mile down the road)
  • Real close to work (about .5 mile)
  • I can get FIOS
  • around fun things.. cause its right downtown
  • more of an apartment area
  • gas included
  • studio apartment
  • feels smaller than the other place
  • no in room laundry
  • no dish washer
  • doesn't seem 'as nice'
  • must park in municipal parking (that extra hundred)
  • no air condtioning
  • hard wood floor
Link to Maps C is 1630, B is 1350, A is work

Thursday, June 5, 2008

new everything

new job, new apartment (right now a hotel room), new feelings. At the risk of sounding Emo, (which I assure you I am not). I feel fine, then I think "When do I go back home, I miss my friends" At this point reality hits and I think, oh... I am home... well then I guess I will... um... I dunno...

I know your thinking WAAA WAAA go cry me a river and unpack all that sand from your vagina. Its just weird not knowing ANYONE or the surounding area. When I moved to Rochester from
Buffalo it was somewhat the same except for 3 key differences
  • The area was spread out and easy to navigate
  • I had Reslife training immediately after I moved in which forced me to meet and be-friend 12 new people.
  • If I needed to I could drive back home and see friends.
Whatever, I am just bitching / complaining. I know that after a while it will become better and the sadness will fade. But if the sadness I have from missing my friends fades will that mean I don't miss them any more or I have just learned to deal? I wake up thinking "Oh I wonder what X Y or Z is doing... oh wait.. " Its weird and it sucks. I am half tempted to move back to Rochester and take a different job. But i know if I do that I will just hate myself for doing it and for passing up this opportunity that I have in front of me.

I am not looking for answers, nor am I looking for pitty or advice. I just want to voice my opinion on whats happening. Maybe if I write what I am feeling, I will feel better.

Well my water is boiling so now its time to stop this writing, go and make some dinner.