Thursday, June 5, 2008

new everything

new job, new apartment (right now a hotel room), new feelings. At the risk of sounding Emo, (which I assure you I am not). I feel fine, then I think "When do I go back home, I miss my friends" At this point reality hits and I think, oh... I am home... well then I guess I will... um... I dunno...

I know your thinking WAAA WAAA go cry me a river and unpack all that sand from your vagina. Its just weird not knowing ANYONE or the surounding area. When I moved to Rochester from
Buffalo it was somewhat the same except for 3 key differences
  • The area was spread out and easy to navigate
  • I had Reslife training immediately after I moved in which forced me to meet and be-friend 12 new people.
  • If I needed to I could drive back home and see friends.
Whatever, I am just bitching / complaining. I know that after a while it will become better and the sadness will fade. But if the sadness I have from missing my friends fades will that mean I don't miss them any more or I have just learned to deal? I wake up thinking "Oh I wonder what X Y or Z is doing... oh wait.. " Its weird and it sucks. I am half tempted to move back to Rochester and take a different job. But i know if I do that I will just hate myself for doing it and for passing up this opportunity that I have in front of me.

I am not looking for answers, nor am I looking for pitty or advice. I just want to voice my opinion on whats happening. Maybe if I write what I am feeling, I will feel better.

Well my water is boiling so now its time to stop this writing, go and make some dinner.

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