Sunday, June 15, 2008

Fat People

I am a fat guy / big guy / tall and 'stocky' or whatever words you want to use. I am starting a job soon and figured I would go buy some new clothes. Try to give myself a fresh look to go with the fresh job. Seeing as how I am a big guy 6'5 I need to buy tall shirts so I don't look like I am wearing a mid-drift. I recently went in to the Big and tall section at JCPenny's and there were 4 different types of shirts:
  • Plaid
  • Polos
  • Hawaiian
  • "Big Dog" shirts
First off, plaid? Don't get me wrong I have plenty of plaid shirts, but you can only wear so many before people refer to you as 'that plaid guy'.

Polos are fine, just not a big fan of them. Its like a T-shirt and button down had a retarded baby that didn't know what was what.

Hawaiian shirts... Who ever decided that fat people liked Hawaiian shirts. I have two, they are my "OMG I have nothing to wear... what should I wear... " shirts. Maybe cause fat people are jolly, and you are jolly when you are on a beach in Hawaii?? I am also Jolly after beating up a hooker, playing with a puppy, eating a steak, Christmas morning down by the tree in my PJs, or playing a video game. However these activities are not necessarily the best shirts to wear.

Lastly, "Big Dog" shirts... we have all seen these. I am fat, He is fat, She is fat, we can all see this, its not a secret or something you can really hide well... its just a fact. This being said we do not need to publicize this by wearing T-Shirts that say stupid shit with this big dog, or shirts that read "I'm Fat, and your Ugly, but I can loose weight" Things like this give fat people a bad rep. Whatever happened to just solid colors, or non-retarded t-shirts. Hell, why not just have the same retarded t-shirts as everyother company, just make it a few sizes bigger.

This is even the same at the big and tall stores. Where the specifically focus on 'big and tall' guys. I mean seriously, get a better freakin selection, like some stripes or solid colors, or plaid is alright, just some different options... Hawaiian shirts... no never, just don't do that.

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