Thursday, August 1, 2013

Killing X11 in linux

Recently my father in law bought me a Raspberry Pi for my birthday, super sweet!  I've always tooled around with linux, however never got serious about it.  As I started playing with it, I found that using the default OS (the NOOBS) was slowing me down and I just wanted a command line.  I have 2 options at this point

  1. SSH
  2. Kill window manager, and just get to the command line.
I opted for #2.  However how the hell do you do that without restarting (you know, cause I'm lazy) I figure you start it by saying 'startx' perhaps you kill it by 'stopx'.  No dice.  I went on and tried some other things, none of which worked.  Eventually I consulted my linux friend and he told me to try hitting 'ctrl+alt+F1'  Sure enough, that killed it and there I am on just the command line!

startx - starts X11
'ctrl+alt+F1' - kills X11

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