Thursday, June 18, 2009

Ugh, My Mac book, Yay the Genius's

So my Mac Book Pro of 2.5 years went and died the other day. I had my Mac here on my table and closed it then took it off to a coffee shop. Once I got to the coffee shop I opened it up and it flashes the screen (as if it was to wake up), then black screened.
Without going through all the specifics, after 2 hours of debugging, (trying to restart with and without battery, resetting PRAM, PMU, and others). So what was I to do?? Off to the Genius Bar and deal with the arrogant Mac jerks.
Now as you probably know I am a programmer, and build computers (for family and such) so I am not by any means a novice to technology. Unfortunately, whenever I go to the Mac store, the 'geniuses' treat you like a dumb ass. "Well sir, this is a computer, these buttons on the top are called 'keys' you type on it and magic happens then words appear on the screen. Am I going to fast??" So For this reason, I constantly dread going to them because i don't want to deal with their pompousness.
Thankfully, this time I got someone that didn't suck. I went in and explained to him (Mike) what the problem was. I then explained to him what I have already tried to fix it and he just replied with "Sounds good, you know your stuff.. well these are all things that we would have done. So I will have to take this in and send it out." I then asked If apple had some sort of 'lemon' policy, he stated that they didn't officially, however I could call Apple Care and ask them to help me out (get a new laptop). So I asked him if this was his laptop, what would he do? He stated that he would probably call Apple Care, and that I might get lucky. I then thanked him for all the help, and expressed how much I appreciated him not being a douche, and he just laughed and replied with 'ya, probably cause I am an older guy'
So The next day, I call Apple Care, and explain the problems. After 1.5 - 2 hours of talking with them they say that they will mail me a box for me to ship back the broken laptop. I then asked to speak to the guys superior and after talking with him I convinced him to give me a new laptop. So, I now am using a brand new Mac Book Pro!! The man apologized for the inconvenience and said that I should get it by mid week. So I sent my laptop in Friday at 3pm, and received my new MBP on the following Tuesday ~ 11am
The reason I am writing this is mainly just to say how pleased I was with Apple. They have done right in my book. They listened to my problem, and, albeit after much whining, they fixed my problem by giving me a new computer faster than I could have hoped for. So thank you very much Apple!!

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